Attitude for Altitude

'Fight and take flight' couldn’t be a better description for the incredible journey of David Fish. A world record holder, champion skydiver and at the age of 40 he was also flying high in his career holding the position of Chief Strategy Officer.

Then a cancer diagnosis changed everything. David took this fight head on, tuning his attitude to find the good in this challenge. Which he did, using this as his kick to refocus and set course to take his life to new heights getting back to being a champion, this time as a competition aerobatic pilot. 

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Now this journey, with the learnings gained from his past achievements and current success have came together with over 20 years of corporate presentation experience to create Attitude for Altitude. This unique keynote presentation series is honest, emotionally charged and will inspire action as you follow the rollercoaster highs and lows of this incredible journey.

David’s message is simple, don’t wait, discover your personal brand, set a stretching altitude and take your life to new heights.

The man behind the story

Mid-life had arrived and David was ‘the highly successful ad guy’, he was the Australian Chief Strategy Officer of a global agency, having worked for some of the world's most famous brands over the last 20 years. He had what many would see as the assets to demonstrate his 'success'.

But there was so much that was being masked by the busyness of life. Then he heard the words no-one wants to hear, ‘ you have cancer’. In just four weeks he went from Chief to cancer patient.


Right from the start he looked for the positives and worked on his attitude to move through treatment in the best possible mindset. This kick then became key to rediscovering what really defined and motivated him. He spent time working on his personal brand, finding the authentic, complete person hidden away, masked in the busyness of life. 

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Discovering the person that was once a World Record holder, a gold medal winner and extreme sportsman allowed him to set a stretching personal vision that has literally taken his life to new heights, both personally and professionally.

It started with learning to fly aerobatics, while still having treatment for cancer. Building skills and confidence knocking over one milestone after another led to him getting back on the podium, achieving medal wins at both state and national championships. 

If that wasn't enough, he has turned his passion for photography into a thriving aviation photography business, while his advertising career continues, leading another agency that is breaking new ground. 

The last four years has seen Attitude for Altitude shared to inspire others to unlock their potential and achieve the same.


David's vision is that nobody should have to wait for that kick to make a positive change, to find and live the best version of themselves.

Be inspired by what is possible

Experience David's Attitude for Altitude inspirational presentation at your event, offsite or conference. This can be accompanied by one on one discussions as well as a half or full day workshop.


Inspirational Keynote

Ranging from 30mins to 1.5 hours

Major presentation topics include:

  • David's journey, experience and the learnings  - how you go from Chief Strategy Officer to Cancer Patient to Flying Champion:

    • How being ‘busy’ can take over from being you

    • The catalyst for change and the fighting spirit to break records and win gold

    • How knowing what drives you, your personal brand, unlocks your true potential

    • How a personal vision directs change and action

    • How to recognise and remove the barriers to personal growth

    • How to avoid action plans that paralyse progress, shifting focus to creating motivating milestones

    • Coming back from adversity to reach unimaginable new heights

 Three steps to unlocking the true potential in everyone. 

Discovering your


Not knowing what defines and drives you means you can get lost in life and let go of your true passions, getting trapped being busy becoming one dimensional and lost in the crowd.

When you know who you are and what you stand for. When you know what defines and drives you, when you can describe your personal brand you have discovered your Gestalt Brand.  This is your compass, it sets your life direction and allows you to define a stretching personal vision, this vision is your Altitude.

Training your


As we get older we stop believing in ourselves, we can't see success so clearly. This fuels a negative mindset our little voice saying, I can't do that, why bother it just won't happen.

To succeed we have to confront all our negative beliefs, to take on that little voice. We have to find and train our Inner Pilot. The part of us that believes in us, opening up the possibilities and ensuring we can take on whatever challenges come our way. Our inner pilot ensures we have our Attitude set up for us to fly.  

Navigating via


A vision without action is just a dream. We start out on these great journeys only to lose our way within a few short steps. Overwhelmed or discouraged by the challenge ahead.  

All great journeys can be broken down into key stages or Milestones. Navigation points  signalling we are on track, progressing in the right direction allowing for course corrections if we drift or need to adjust to changing conditions. Seeing progress motivates us to take the next action. 

Attitude + Action = Altitude


To find out how Attitude for Altitude can help your event, your team or organisation please drop David a note and he would be very happy to share his thoughts and further details. 

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