Welcome to the home of Fishy, a place where my passions, experiences and adventures come to life to fuel our collective imagination. 

My life has been filled with exploring and indulging in a diverse number of passions, creating a rich and unique melting pot of ideas, connections, and experience.  I have had incredible opportunities with constantly evolving adventures leading to many lessons and learnings about life and business. Starting with a background in advertising and strategy before becoming addicted to aviation and the craft of leadership.  My latest passion is the combination of them all and being able to share this with you on your own personal journey.

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Connect, Challenge, Grow

No two fish are quite the same and I approach every new challenge with this mindset, driven to improve the performance and wellbeing of individuals, teams and organisations.

Obsessing over connecting the dots to unlock the hidden potential and talent. Challenging individuals and companies so that their greatness can shine by partnering to provide strategic advice, program design & facilitation.


Igniting Passion & Inspiring Change

We all have the potential for achieving amazing new heights in life, we just need the right motivation, guidance, tools and support.

My approach is to be that guide and share the tools that I developed that helped me break records, win gold and launch businesses around the world.  I am here to help you discover your unique personal brand. I will guide you to understand what really defines and drives you. This is the foundation for setting your own visionary personal goals. When these are intertwined with the right mindset, tools and techniques to guide progress this unlocks the path to extraordinary personal growth and opens up a life of possibilities.

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Pushing the Boundaries of Flight

I’ve always been drawn to the skies. It is here that I create my stories, feed my soul, and find the best part of myself.  It is my three dimensional playground and canvas for adventure where I have been able to break records, win championships and be part of some incredible adventures. 

I’ve explored the edge of flight from every angle and aircraft type from hot air balloons to skydiving and now aerobatic flight.  There are no limits once set free from the earth. 


Curious adventurer, constantly in the pursuit of personal mastery while helping others to be their best.